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About us

H4 Sp. z o. o. was founded in 2016 and has become a continuation of the previous businesses of the founders. Thanks to this action, cooperation with some clients has been ongoing for over 20 years. It's all thanks to reliability, confidence, good atmosphere and work in trust.

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Our company took its name from the boxer engine system in popular rally cars. This engine, unlike classic drive units, works in a unique way. Two pistons work one way and the other two work the other way. Despite the completely opposite working directions, these pistons generate tremendous power and produce the car's unmistakable performance.

Our goal is to provide modern and reliable solutions. We care about customer satisfaction and that our work has a positive impact on its profit and business efficiency. We pay a lot of attention to the quality, safety, reliability and timeliness of our projects.

Our Team

We have a stationary programming team under the care of a manager / coordinator to handle everyday tasks and projects. Additionally, we are contracted with local freelancers for small, urgent projects where time is of the essence.

In the case of large or multi-stage projects, we create dedicated DevOps teams consisting of specialists with specific qualifications for selected technologies.

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We have experience in managing databases containing millions of records with personal data. Our projects are compliant with the GDPR, we ensure the security of the created applications and we pay great attention to the privacy of users from the planning stage.

Our "green" applications undergo penetration tests and security audits performed, among others, by by the security departments of e.g. banks.

The saved data is versioned, which makes it possible to analyze the history of changes and restore the previous version. In addition, all personal data is encrypted, which guarantees its confidentiality and protects against access by third parties and hackers. Our system supports 2FA, i.e. two-factor identity verification when logging in. To log in, in addition to the login and password, you must enter the code from the SMS or, for example, connect via VPN.